The One Thing I Need You To Know


Hi sweet friend,

I come to you today with the simplest yet most life giving message.

No matter where you are in life (single, married, mom, expecting, praying, lost, successful, happy, sad) I need you to know one thing.

You, my dear friend, are enough.

Say it. Speak it. Believe it.

Every hair on your head. Every smile that you give. Every dream that you dream. Every failure you feel. You are enough. You are enough to keep going. You are enough to keep growing.

You deserve it. You know I say that phrase a lot, "You deserve it." It can be found in almost every newsletter and it is because I believe it. I truly do. I believe that every woman is capable to live the life she wants but mostly, that she deserve the life she dreams of.

Fight for progress in your life. Fight for happiness and steady foundations. Fight for the things that spark joy. Fight for yourself sister.

You are enough. You are enough. You are more than enough.

So no matter where you sit today or the feelings running through your mind right this moment, show up and know that I believe in you.

You are enough. 

And I am proud of you.  

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Katie Farrin