My Goals for 2019


Welcome to 2019! How did you celebrate New Years? I am confidently admitting to being asleep before the ball dropped. It allowed me to wake up refreshed and on New Years Day I attempted my first ever hiking trail. Yes, I know. I have never hiked before or camped! It was truly so fun.

Typically each year, by the time the new year rolls around, I have all my goals laid out and they consist of 10-12 goals. This year I am still praying over what God has in store and being open to what the universe has for me creativity.

My goals this year fall into 3 categories: faith, health and business.

Here is what is on my heart, in my mind and being lived out by my soul in 2019:

  1. Continue my health journey to be the best I can be for my family. Y’all this is hard for me. My whole life I have been a yoyo when it comes to the scale. Even as recent as this holiday season have the lbs. packed back on. The heart behind this goal is to show my babies and husband what healthy can look like and how rewarding it is for all of us. I want to be healthy to live a long life with Rusty. I want to get consistent with my workouts and change how I eat for good. I truly feel my best when I take on a Whole 30. It is hard to do but I have always felt a pull to try to do it longer than just the 30 days. Regardless, I want to find what works best for my body long term and thrive in that consistency.

  2. Develop a deeper love with Christ. I haven’t discussed my faith on this platform but I am a Christian saved by grace each day. Again, I am looking to find a routine that I love when it comes to reading Christ word and a personal relationship with him. So far (7 days in ha!) I have loved reading the word, journaling and praying. I am working to keep it simple and consistent each morning.

  3. Photography. This one I am still praying over. I am not sure where it will go but I for sure want to use my camera more for every day things. Kids playing with toys, get the camera out. Cooking in the kitchen, get the camera out. I want to use it and edit more along the way. I am trying being open to where the universe takes me with this while also putting down action steps for things I for sure what to accomplish. Continuing to educate myself in this field

  4. And now for the best part…Celebrate Sisterhood! This place is just home and it feels good every time I write a blog post, see a nomination, connect with someone. My biggest goal is to grow this space in the hopes that more women feel connected and supported. Working to create content that you love and want. I hope to grow this space and connect more women. Really to create a space everyone loves to visit and feel welcome every time.

What are you striving for in 2019? One of my favorite things to do is visualize what you want your best day to look like and go for it. Let’s make 2019 our year friends!

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