Things That Cost 5 Cents...

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When I write these posts an almost neon flashing light stops me in my tracks for the idea behind each post. Some weeks it is a real life experience, an anecdote. Other times it is inspiration or encouraging words. Regardless, I always feel I have a good idea of what each week should look like.

Imagine my surprise when this week I was drawing a complete blank. Writing to me is a form of self expression, my form of art and release. Others paint, doodle, design, I write. I find it paints a picture both figuratively and literally. I was disappointed and felt no idea was a good topic for the newsletter. It seemed my inspiration left me.

On Sunday morning, I drew a hot bubble bath and started reading a book that has been radically changing my life. A book that is pushing me, changing me, making me nod along and at times weep when I read the words. Everybody Always by Bob Goff is one of those books that I highlight inspiring words every other page. It is a book I cannot recommend enough. 

As I turned the page, this one story made me stop in my tracks when I read it. I knew immediately that while the story isn't mine, it is absolutely one to share. This is our encouraging word this week friend.

So what about things that cost five cents? 

Bob tells a story about how he chartered a small plane (he was the pilot) for a quick trip. On his way home and after an uneventful flight, he began his landing process. He pulled the lever to release the back two wheels and the front wheel but when he checked the lights to see if all was in place only two green lights showed up. He needed three. Not knowing which of the three wheels didn't lower into place, he radioed the tower. The tower crew told him to fly by the tower so they could see which wheels were in place. Due to the late hour, they couldn't see which wheel was lodged. Bob began to panic. He knew that without all three wheels, the landing would be damaging and potentially tragic. He kept thinking about wanting all three green lights versus the two.

Bob writes, "In short, most of us want more green lights than we have. It's easy to forget that our faith, life, and experiences are all the green lights we need...What delights you? What fires your imagination? What fills you with a deep sense of meaning and purpose? What draws you closer to God? What is going to last in your life and in the lives of others? Do those things. They're your green lights. Most of us already have more lights than we need."

Bob went in for his landing as the plane floated closer to the ground. He counted down three, two, one and to his absolute shock the front wheel was in place. He was safe, he was home, he was okay. The problem? The third light bulb, the light that costs five cents had burned out. Bob spent most of his night circling the air field because he didn't get all the green lights he was hoping for or thought he needed. He says, "Don't let a nickel light bulb keep you from fulfilling your purpose."

That statement made me audibly gasp.

Guys, I am constantly the girl waiting for all the green lights. Even when it comes to simple things like writing this joyful newsletter. What green lights are you waiting on? Could all the green lights already be there and we just aren't stepping out in faith? You are equipped sister. Let's fulfill our destiny. 

Maybe these words are your green light? Don't get stuck waiting for everything you think you need. You can do this!

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Katie Farrin