10 Podcast For Every Area of Your Life

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Podcasts are a way of life for me! I truly love plugging in my headphones and listening. Podcasts can be fun, encouraging, teach you new things and bring relaxation. Most times it feels like a chat with a good friend or a simple way to be encouraged.

Each Monday morning one of my favorite true crime podcasts drops. I wake eager to get ready and listen. This podcast has become of my morning routine and make Monday’s better!

So what podcasts are you listening to?

Here are 10 podcasts to try for every area of your life: 


1. The Goal Digger: Jenna is one of the most encouraging and helpful business podcasters around. She gives tips on how to successfully and realistically grow your business. She touches on newsletters, Instagram techniques and being true to yourself in any industry.

2. Rise Podcast: Rachel is a kick in the pants but in the best way possible. She is fiery and pushes you to be your best self. From relationships and mentorships to exercise and motivation in all areas of life, she helps you grow a life that sparks joy. If you ever get down in the dumps, listen to her. She is like that friend that is kind and warm but then pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

3. The Dave Ramsey Show: Dave gives practical advice for financial success and confidence in managing your money. He covers a wealth of topics like marriage, investing, retirement, debt and savings. He knows his stuff!



4. Go and Tell Gals: I love Jess Connolly. She is a spiritual mentor that encourages you all while pushing you in all areas of your life. She touches on faith, serving your community and showing up in life. She believes every woman has a purpose and should run on mission.

5. Cultivate Your Life with Lara Casey: Lara is kind, motivating and a true guru when it comes to creating a life that you absolutely adore. Lara brings weekly tips for tending to your goals and brings you practical ways to set goals that bring value. She encourages you with scripture and brings God’s truths into your life.



6. Crime Junkie: If you have spent any time around me, you know that Crime Junkie is my go to (mentioned above)! I truly wake up on Monday morning excited to listen to this podcast while getting ready for the day. Britt and Ashley dive into true crime cases that do not always make headlines and most are still unsolved. They are light hearted and best friends enjoying what they do. Even with serious topics they make you smile.

7. Dr. Death: Obsessed. Go listen…now. This podcast is all about the medical system and a surgeon who botched numerous spinal surgeries including killing patients but continued to operate around the Dallas area. Christopher Duntsch trial and proceedings are still making headlines and far from over.

8. Young House Love Has a Podcast: I have followed John and Sherry’s blog for years so you can imagine my absolute joy when they created a podcast all about home! They chronicle their adventures with diy, renovating old beach homes and life. They are a husband and wife duo making their banter is fun and relatable.



9. Goop: This podcast is new to my rotation and I am obsessed. Gwyneth Paltrow is the host and her voice is beyond soothing. Her teams dives deep into health, wellness and cutting edge medicine. She touches on everything from balancing hormones to cleanses with food.

10. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: To me being present and mindful is a part of your health. This podcast is so good. Oprah interviews others while telling her story with the overall message of helping you be your best self.


So what are you favorite podcasts? How do you listen to podcasts? New to them? Start by listening while you get ready, take a walk or folding the laundry. You might be surprised at how much fun they can be!