2019 Is Your Year And Here Is Why...


It is very cliché to say but I cannot believe that 2019 is almost here! Being the personality type that I am, I absolutely love this time of year. Time to dream and reflect.

In all honesty, I spent a great deal of time in 2018 trying to salvage relationships that I thought I needed to, making friendships work that needed to be let go, being frustrated with outcomes. And while some days I still have those thoughts, laying down that hurt and disappointment has been one of the most freeing things I have done. Letting go can be life changing. Ultimately, it has made me a happier soul. It has taught me how to work through my emotions.

Valuing the importance of friendship, in the past 3 days I have made time to sit down and have face to face conversations with my four of my dearest gal pals. Ladies who know me, know my faults, know how to encourage, women of God. Each time I spend even an hour by their side, I am refreshed. I am reminded of God’s grace and how friendship should look and feel. Meeting with them before the start of a new year may be a new tradition of mine. Sharing goals and dreams with these women is priceless.

Everywhere on social media, you are being bombarded with talks of new goals and starting over on January 1. Hey, I totally get the hype. But if I have learned anything about goals and dreams, it is so savor them. Marinate them. Toss them around. Say them out loud. Make sure you pray over them. See, goals can change just like the seasons. That is the beauty of them. You do not have to know all your goals for the year right this second, right now. I repeat that you do not have to know all your goals right this very moment.

You do not have to miraculously start over or begin anew on January 1. Wouldn’t your goals be more powerful if you knew exactly what you should accomplish or start versus doing a few things without much thought or halfheartedly? Knowing your exact goals leads to actions steps and action steps lead to doing.

So get off of social media if you have to. Change the conversation if needed. Take your time. Sit in the quiet. Be okay with not being 100% ready for a new year. That is perfectly okay.

Be confident that whether you set 2 or 12 goals, you will complete them because you have taken the time to think it through, pray over them and put a why behind each goal.

You my friend are important enough to live your best life. You worth is invaluable.

I want to encourage you in 2019. Write me back to tell me how I can do so. A phone call? An email? A prayer? You are going to rock this new year! For that, I am confident!

Thank you for being here! Thank you for making this space what it is 😊 You are the bees knees!
P.s. I will be back next week sharing my goals with you!