5 Simple Ways to Make New Friends


No one tells. No one tells you the truth about making friends as an adult. The friendships you make in college, high school, growing up come naturally and authentically. They just happen and develop.

But as an adult? A totally different ballgame.

I tend to compare making new friends to dating. You are nervous, don’t know what to expect, vulnerability is high. It can be awkward and who makes the first move? Who sends the first text? Will they like me? Is my outfit right? Why am I so nervous? See, just like dating.

Keep the end game in mind. You are developing new relationships. Relationships that will continue to get better over time. Relationships that are becoming a part of who you are.

The other day I was thinking about two of my dearest friends. I speak to them every day. I have called them in tears. I have called them to celebrate. I have told them my deepest secrets. Sounds like the best type of friendship right? It totally is. The crazy part? They were not friends of mine two years ago. Over the past two years, we have challenged each other, gotten to know each other, loved one another, made each other better humans.

So ready to get out there? Here are 5 simple and applicable tips for starting new friendships.



Understand what you are looking for in a friend, what you won’t settle for, what you need, what you want. Know what you are searching for before you begin. Keep perspective.


Accept the invitation. Make lunch plans. Go to happy hour. Say yes to meeting new people. Plug into your community. This isn’t natural for me (hello introverts!!!) but I never regret the opportunity to meet new people.

Be open to making plans and trying new things. Sometimes the best relationships starts over an activity you have in common.


It is the world we live in now. Interacting with others on the internet is a great way to develop friendships. I had a message in my inbox from a sweet gal in Dallas asking for if we could be friends. It was so daring to me that she sent that message but it was what I was thinking. I love her feed, her mission, her joy. If felt great writing her back and developing our friendship.

Write a kind comment. Send a message. Build others up online. It can lead to beautiful friendships and breaks the ice.


Friend, it may not happen on the first try. You may put yourself out there to find that you need to keep looking. That is okay. Just stay open. It will happen. Remain open. Remain positive. Remain hopeful.

5. BE YOU.

This point is last but probably most important. Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer a new friend. Be you in all that you do. You are pretty rad and the perfect fit in friendship is out there.

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