Things That Cost 5 Cents...

When I write these posts an almost neon flashing light stops me in my tracks for the idea behind each post. Some weeks it is a real life experience, an anecdote. Other times it is inspiration or encouraging words. Regardless, I always feel I have a good idea of what each week should look like.

Imagine my surprise when this week I was drawing a complete blank.

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Katie Farrin
The One Thing I Need You To Know

Hi sweet friend,

I come to you today with the simplest yet most life giving message.

No matter where you are in life (single, married, mom, expecting, praying, lost, successful, happy, sad) I need you to know one thing.

You, my dear friend, are enough.

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Katie Farrin
10 Podcast For Every Area of Your Life

Podcasts are a way of life for me! I truly love plugging in my headphones and listening. Podcasts can be fun, encouraging, teach you new things and bring relaxation. Most times it feels like a chat with a good friend or a simple way to be encouraged.

Each Monday morning one of my favorite true crime podcasts drops. I wake eager to get ready and listen. This podcast has become of my morning routine and make Monday’s better!

So what podcasts are you listening to?

Here are 10 podcasts to try for every area of your life: 

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My Goals for 2019

Welcome to 2019! How did you celebrate New Years?

Typically each year, by the time the new year rolls around, I have all my goals laid out and they consist of 10-12 goals. This year I am still praying over what God has in store and being open to what the universe has for me creativity.

My goals this year fall into 3 categories: faith, health and business.

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2019 Is Your Year And Here Is Why...

verywhere on social media, you are being bombarded with talks of new goals and starting over on January 1. Hey, I totally get the hype. But if I have learned anything about goals and dreams, it is so savor them. Marinate them. Toss them around. Say them out loud. Make sure you pray over them. See, goals can change just like the seasons. That is the beauty of them. You do not have to know all your goals for the year right this second, right now. I repeat that you do not have to know all your goals right this very moment.

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5 Simple Ways to Make New Friends

No one tells. No one tells you the truth about making friends as an adult. The friendships you make in college, high school, growing up come naturally and authentically. They just happen and develop.

But as an adult? A totally different ballgame.

So ready to get out there? Here are 5 simple and applicable tips for starting new friendships.

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Welcome, just as you are!

Welcome beautiful friend.

I cannot believe you are here.

I cannot believe I am here.

Thank you for joining me, for believing in this space.

For your excitement, your encouragement, your uniqueness, I applaud you.

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