We are women from all different backgrounds, different cultures, different ways of life. But one thing brings us together, the infinite power of being a woman.

The true definition of celebrate is to acknowledge and praise publicly. That definition resonates here. This space was created for celebration.

This space was created with you in mind.

The concept is simple. Let's create a space that lifts up our friends, our sisters, our family, our community. Let's celebrate each other. Let's create sisterhood. 

Our mission: to create a community of dynamic women who enjoy each others company, a community of empowering one another. We praise you for your braveness, uniqueness and all your victories. We truly believe that each woman is one of a kind and full of purpose. Let's do this…together.





What is the idea behind celebrate sisterhood?

With social media such a large part of our every day life, I was constantly looking for accounts that brought joy, that encouraged their followers, that made you better by following and interacting with them. One day I thought why not a place for women? A place for women to raise each others spirits, connect and simply say thank you for being my friend. So here we are!

a simple process

We all have a lot on our plate so our team has worked hard to make the process simple, easy and quick. All you do is fill out a form and that’s it!

when will my friend be featured?

Great question! Within 48 hours of your submission, you will receive an email from someone on our team giving you the estimated publication date.

Everyone is welcome

College gals, your sister, a mom of two or ten, a CEO, those who have it all together and those who are still trying to figure it out, a single mom, a widow, everyone. We cannot express enough that everyone is welcome and everyone is worthy.

why submit?

Because spreading joy and encouragement is contagious. We all have that one friend who could use a little praise, a pick me up, your kind words.

let's get started

Ready to get started? Click here.

You are an encourager and for that you are changing lives.

Let's do this.

Celebrate sisterhood is exactly what we have been waiting for. A place to welcome all women, celebrate our differences, our similarities, our passions. It feels good to celebrate.
— Rachel Hatch



Have a question for us? Hearing from you brings us great joy! Do not hesitate to contact us.